Angel in my Dream

Why do You stay away from Me? Watching n waiting, waiting for Me to see You? The moment I begin to see You, You leave, Why this game of hide n seek.. When I sleep in my ignorance and catch a glimpse of You, Is when I know my longing for You.. Several days and…

A Dreamer’s Confession

“It was waiting for me. There. I saw it now. How did it take me so much time this time? I had almost given up on it. To move forward… I had to forget?” She smirked.

Twilight Evenings

‘Why do you have to write?’ Rumi looked up to see his friend standing over him with hands folded. Rumi sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. Ajay had caught him again; writing, this time on the parapet outside College.
Come to think of it, it was a good question. Why did he feel this need to write?

Another Lifetime

On a busy afternoon, at the zebra crossing I waited. You stopped your car to give me way. I mouthed ‘Thank You’ at You and You nodded back at me. And in that moment, I know that in another lifetime, I knew You.

Music – The Language that Speaks in Magic

What does music do to me? It inevitably brings a smile on my face, opening a doorway to my heart, entering it so effortlessly. As if the music is the Sun to the Moon of my heart; the love and bliss of the musical notes then radiate from the heart. The heart reflecting the beauty…

What is this Light I see?

“What is this light I see? It is warm, gentle and yet powerfully alive. At times I am engulfed in it and at other times; it’s a gentle flame settled in my heart.”

The Change was Always within You

“This is how it starts; the beginning. Something so new and inexplicable that you hesitate to share it. Lest no one around you may understand it. And so it begins…”

One Afternoon After Class

He was waiting for her to answer, “Sara?” he called. She seemed far away. “Sara?”. She shifted her gaze from the wall behind him to his face. “I was asking would you like to go out and catch some lunch?”. She kept looking at him now as if listening intently. He was growing tired of…

What I Feel

“It is as if a fire is lit within, it wavers, reducing in intensity at times, and sometimes glowing ever so brightly to a cool bright blue colour and everything else falls in the background.”

Regaining Consciousness

Can you find something if you are looking for it in the wrong place itself? Searching for a way to feel alive; earnestly waiting for that moment, having expectations in life; from others as well as from ourselves and then feeling disappointed when they are not met. Firstly do we really need someone else to…

Breathing Life

“The calmness and the energy that you feel when you realise you are present, and your mind is in sync with you now; not running anymore; but still. That moment is worth everything.”