Search For That Single Thought

What is it we are looking for?  It is confusing to answer this question. We want to enjoy the solitude and when we are alone; our mind observes memories or reflects on our aspirations for the future, eventually distancing ourselves from the now. Now, we want to be a part of the world again;  so either we engross ourselves in a literary read like a novel, watch TV / play game/ surf internet or pick up the phone and give in to being social again. And after this, go back to being alone and trying to do something different; to break routine. If successful in achieving this, we want to now share the experience with everyone, as if the act just done without being shared did not bring enough joy. While on the other hand, if we do not achieve in doing something different from the rote routine; we share about it being a silly thought and engage ourselves in a novel, watch TV / play game/ surf internet mindlessly or pick up the phone and being social again.

Is this really how it is supposed to be? Or is it just me. I am not sure. And I am confused. What is this feeling; to make ourselves happy; this chase / pursuit for happiness? A sudden thought; that can excite us so much that it lights up the whole day and at times confusing muddled thoughts; that take over the pureness and power of that one good thought.

Now I am going back to reading a fictional story. Is it because I feel the unreal world is much more immersive than the real one? Yes, maybe.

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  1. NN says:

    Universe is constantly changing and evolving and so is everything upon it….. So, being in this realm its impossible to achieve that ‘single’ thought or action…. that day we would stop evolving and so would the universe

    1. NN says:

      Cos the day you achieve that single thought or action which makes us nonchalant to emotions including pursuit of happiness, i believe we would no more be just human being living in the universe….we would be a ‘part’ of the that Universe…a cosmic entity… maybe God

  2. Jackie Jain says:

    Yes, one good thought a day keeps negativity away. Good thoughts are like fuel for generator of happiness.. We should refilling the fuel.. Have a good time.. 🙂

    1. Geena says:

      Yes so true 🙂

  3. Imran Ali says:

    Lies are what the illusionist uses to trick you, whereas the man of God, uses truth to open your eyes to reality.

    The meaning of life is buried deep inside of you, it is not in some place far away, the treasure you seek is you.

    1. Geena says:

      The treasure within, that is revealed only upon deep introspection.

  4. Imran Ali says:

    The mind that is closed never finds meaning, it finds stagnancy in outdated beliefs, it is detached from the flow of wisdom.

    1. Geena says:

      Yes, hence the mind needs to open and expand until it realises there are no boundaries at all

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