Ebb and Flow of this Emotion

Laughter; it presents to me the feeling of elation, brings the light in my eyes. It is as if for that moment the twinkle in my eye, is shared and echoed in the world and the world is smiling back at me, sharing this feeling. When I share a laugh with another person, who I may be meeting for the first time or after years or seeing them every day, for that minute we are suddenly two living beings understanding everything in life, as if both of us are in sync. And here I am not talking about the formal exchange of smiles or being polite and letting a gentle laugh escape; but genuine laughter or joy that one cannot conceal from being noticed. And when this happens, I realise and feel how powerful it is, this surge of emotion.

Even when I just remember or recount a funny event from past memory and a small laugh escapes my mouth. At that time, I am in one with the nature. I forget that I am one or the other of the following; an established businessman, a struggling employee, a misunderstood mother or a rebellious student in the physical world. Instead, I feel that I am just another being on earth, born to be simply happy and who seemed to have forgotten this beautiful truth somewhere along accepting the challenge of being a part of the physical world, trying to be successful, to belong and be accepted. But laughter; as swiftly and unannounced it comes, it leaves.

The feeling is similar to me being somewhere up in the clouds and now I am falling slowly and steadily, back to the ground. If I can only observe this feeling and remind myself time and again of a single fact. The fact being; the source of this feeling is within us, we can make an effort to keep it alight always, brimming to the surface, ready to overflow, to touch every living being we come in contact with in the world, maybe for a few moments. I think if we can achieve this, it would make us feel really purposeful and justify a small part of our day.

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  1. NN says:

    “…but genuine laughter or joy that one cannot conceal from being noticed.” …. so true … to me this is one of the most purest and honest emotions of all..a physical manifestation of our inner soul being happy

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