The Rose

The Rose Flower; why is it considered so special? Although there are a million unique flowers on the planet, but the one flower that wins over the rest in terms of popularity is most definitely the Rose.

Is it because of the name denoted to the flower? ‘Rose’. If you say it aloud it does have an air around it; almost the perfect name for a girl.

Or is it the colour, ‘Blood Red’; being the favourite of many; the colour resembling royalty and an intense feeling.

Or maybe it is the scent; which is most distinct and makes your mind drift to a peaceful alternate place from the present. Such is the love of mankind for the rose scent that it is replicated in many body products.

Or is the entity on a whole, that when it is gifted or just viewed blooming in the lush green garden; awakens a feeling of promise or an emotion that is worth cherishing?

Maybe the physical appearance adds on to the beauty; layers after layers of petals as if unfolding a mystery to a hidden truth within.

Or the dew drops that when settle on it; make it look tiny diamonds delicately placed on the scarlet rose flower.

Or the touch of the soft petals and the stark green stem adorned with thorns all the way down; telling a story of its own.

The reason could be all of those stated above or maybe none; but what I can conclude with conviction is that when a rose is gifted to me at the end of a dinner; as compliments from the restaurant; by just holding it I feel special and beautiful.

Like the rose flower mentioned above; there are millions of beautiful creations and wonders that we walk past every day without giving them a second glance. And yet, if we spend two minutes and actually see or feel them for what they are; the beauty and appreciation that was felt as a child; like blades of long green grass swaying in the breeze, soft and fluffy looking pure white clouds, midnight blue colour clear sky jeweled with several twinkling stars, the feel of a crispy yellow old parchment paper; laughter echoing in the meadows; returns. And when that happens; it makes one marvel again at the unique and most lovely wonders and creations of the Almighty; including most definitely; Mankind.

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