A Million Adventures Not Yet Begun

What is this need of man to travel? To see places, to visit countries and valleys and talk to the natives? Maybe for that time man feels he has succeeded in breaking routine and feeling like he always wanted to. Does he feel more alive? It’s as if in the most unfamiliar and unusual places; man finds himself. Personally for me, I believe for that time; I am living an alternate life; roaming the meadows, following a narrow trail across villages; the air seems fresher and I can feel the blood flowing in my veins; the laughter is more natural. Maybe all this is just because of my closeness to nature. Living in a remote inn in a small village; the world closes down on me in a way that is unreal; my past experiences just wander and show themselves up occasionally as tiny wisps of nothings. And gradually the larger picture dawns on me. So many things I found important or cared for; while living my routine life; don’t matter anymore. It is as if I am observing my thoughts as a mere spectator watching trailers of multiple movies in my head.
And as I sit back sipping a cup of tea watching the rain pour down my window; the new and the unfamiliar place that I had gone to suddenly seems to give me solace and although I might have trodden there alone; I realise I am not alone. I start connecting with the locals in a way I’ve never spoken to my next door neighbours back home. I somehow cast off my old self to live the routine of the simple and eat and laugh with them while doing so. And in the nights I sleep with a peace and a feeling of fulfillment like the one that can only be glimpsed on a sleeping child.
Man is always resistant to change no matter how unhappy he maybe in his present situation but the newness and change always draws him. And when we travel; we start playing multiple roles and feel and experience in those roles with a clarity that eludes us in the majority of our routine lives.
I like to believe that even when I go out to meet a friend or for dinner; it’s like a mini version of this want of man to step out of the mundane and go out there. How else can I explain that with the slightest thought of a plan to travel to a new place; something lifts off my chest, making me feel a little more alive? And when the same plan is to visit a far off site, that feeling is multiplied ten times. I feel I have been reborn, breathing anew, an alternate life, given a chance to experience so many adventures; in the snowy mountains, or the tropical Mediterranean Islands, or that tiny village hidden within the midst of nature still moving with the simplistic pace that has slowly become alien to the man of this era.

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  1. Beautifully written.
    Well… newness and change draw Some of us. I have an uncle and aunt who in their entire life only once went on something like a vacation. They piled their kids into the family sedan and staying in hotels drove from their home in Saint Mary’s Pennsylvania, where they’d both been born, up to Vermont. They didn’t stay long. When my uncle returned, he offered only this sardonic observation: “The ‘Green Hills of Vermont?’ I don’t think so,” he answered his own rhetorical comment gesturing to the no doubt equally green hills surrounding his home in western Pennsylvania. His house was on the edge of a golf course (he did not golf) and all his life, he simply walked across the gulf course to his job as a middle-level manager at a small company. He was once offered a promotion with a substantial pay increase, but accepting the offer would have necessitated a move to Texas. He chose to stay in Pennsylvania where he put fewer miles on the family vehicle in 10 years than his brother (my father) put on his in one. He looks at the kind of moving around I do, and concludes “your wife must be a saint,” unable to comprehend that there could possibly be TWO people so deeply enamored of experiencing the unfamiliar.
    “…sipping a cup of tea watching the rain pour down my window; the new and the unfamiliar place that I had gone to suddenly seems to give me solace…” That line resonated, and recalled scenes both in sunshine and rain in places as far-flung as the library of a navy ship, a tatami mat scented apartment in Japan and a loft over a garage in a small town deep in the mountains of Colorado. In all, I’ve lived in 25 different communities for a month or more. In July, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, will become the 26th.
    “How else can I explain that with the slightest thought of a plan to travel to a new place; something lifts off my chest, making me feel a little more alive?” Yes. Exactly. JD

    1. geena347 says:

      Well thank you for your comment. It’s a great feeling to realise that there are others too who get and share my thoughts..:)

  2. PK says:

    Wow awesome!!!i tried highlighting specific lines that i felt i connected to a lot , but it ended up covering almost everything 😀 let it be u describing the alternate life..,connectiong to nature and people or just ourselves..,planning the next trip..,getting the chance to be a different person or just being ourself still ends up changing the person who had set out of the routine.Thank you for taking me on a wonderful trip with your thoughts and words:)Eagerly looking forward for u to take ur next trip and see the words flow again 😀

    1. Geena says:

      Yes, it is as if setting forth on a travel plan in a way is letting yourself open to things unfamiliar, taking a chance, breaking the barriers, being less rigid, in many ways, going out of our comfort zone and strangely ending up finding a beautiful connect with all that is around us. The beauty experienced on the trip never leaving us, and resonating within us when the trip is complete.

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