Silent Fervour

At times, I just know what I have got to do. It’s like there were drifting thoughts in my mind like scattered dotted lines that have come together to make a smooth curve. The head clears suddenly and there is that single task that you have to do and even the thought of it makes you feel calm and the realisation brings a smile to your face.

It could be something small; for instance while relaxing at a spa; I realised I really wanted to write another blog but couldn’t find what it is that I wanted to write on. I was searching for that definite feeling to write on something. And I realised I was getting worked up, sitting in a spa where I had come to relax in the first place. Relaxing myself was only through conscious efforts then. And the thought suddenly came to me to write on this desire to do something. This feeling cannot be justified or explained. It is just that when it is kindled one has to act upon it.

It could be anything; for instance if we take the example of watching the rain pour from the balcony; it could range from a desire to go and play football in the green outside or a longing to paint the beautiful landscape or just enjoy a cup of tea looking at the same scene. In short; the same circumstances can in fact invoke different desires in different people. Just the realisation of the wish satisfies you partially and gives a sense of relief and meaning to that moment.

It is also true that this desire / wish/ longing; whatever you may want to call it, does change with circumstances and age but it is important to realise that it exists always. If one makes conscious efforts towards the same; one experiences and delves into those little pockets of happiness that brighten our otherwise ordinary day.

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