Breathing Life

The feeling of being alive. The breath you take in, feel the air going in expanding your lungs and purifying your body. Such a simple activity that we all do but almost always without consciously paying attention to it. If we can only come back to it and feel ourselves breathing, go back to that inner space where you feel so alive like you haven’t felt for a long time; without any external factor influencing this feeling. Just the simple breath that goes in and keeps you alive as your heart pumps purified blood to all your body, rejuvenating you. Seems like life in its entirety. The core or essence of being alive. The calmness and the energy that you feel when you realise you are present, and your mind is in sync with you now; not running anymore; but still. That moment is worth everything. It feels like you are aware of being alive. And although you are awake you feel like you are in a dream because everything looks so beautiful.

It is as if you are looking at everything that was familiar to you but under a different light now. The road that you drive on every day or the sky above or the cosy bedroom that you are sitting in; the lights of the lamp reflecting on your hand, so golden and soft.

At work; it is as if you appear calm on the outside but inside you feel like a part of you is laughing with happiness, it is so full of joy and it does not know why, there is simply no reason that you could attribute it to. Just the simple beauty of knowing and aware of being alive, and having the gift of life. Even when someone approaches you for some work or there is a job to be done, you are there but it is as if there is a light in your eyes and a different feel to everything. And you welcome all that comes your way. I am not sure if others can feel the difference but inside you are a small child born; just glad to be. Looking at everything with wonder from within.

The breath that we take in without being conscious of it; is such a powerful thing. When you feel the gentle breeze touching your face or the whispering of the leaves of tall trees overhead or the slowly moving giants of white puffs of clouds moving against the vibrant blue limitless sky. It is as if an artist painted it for you for that moment and you are lucky enough to have not missed it and seen the incredible beauty of it all; embracing it and being glad just to be able to experience all of it. And all the time being one in your mind and your heart.

Although you may just appear composed from the outside always maybe just sometimes in those moments a smile might start playing on your mouth and it catches you off-guard and someone might look and wonder what could be so amusing but it is something one has to feel for themselves. It is as if life is a movie and you are the actor playing the varied roles that come your way and the director deciding the next scene as well as the spectator feeling it all and enjoying it all, with the music playing in the back of your mind.

This feeling can be addictive. So much so you may never want to come out of it. And even if some situation needs your attention you would give it the required time and go back to just enjoying the beauty, the simplicity it is with which we keep ourselves alive, by the simple act of breathing that is. So simple and yet so powerful. Reconnecting back to life itself.  It is as if all the cells in my body are grateful for the replenishment and the source of energy that is being gifted to them in every breath.

In such moments whatever it is you decide to do; may it be cooking a delicious meal, or sketching on a sheet of paper or performing a task at work, or listening to a friend recount a funny incident or reading a book or just sitting there and enjoy being there. You feel it is all occurring as smoothly as it could and you welcome it, you welcome life as it comes to you, seeing the beauty in everything there is, all the time breathing and giving yourself the gift of being alive.

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