What I Feel

You may attempt to rationalise and give scientific reasoning for the way I feel or behave but know that I am truly at peace and feel ever so light like I am breathing; when I hear the words spoken by the enlightened ones. Nothing else seems to satiate me anymore. Everything else may make me feel positive or negative for varying periods of time. But that is all. They do not have a lasting effect on me. Other than the sayings, and the teachings nothing else seems to hold true to me now. It is as if it was being retold and spread from a very long time but I was not ready to hear it. I hear now, feel now and see now that this is not just a way but the only way that I can transcend. Nothing else seems to hold good to me. Nothing is truly mine nor am I someone’s means to live. We all came here alone and have to find our own way; one way or the other. For me no other way seems right anymore. There is a sense of completeness and definiteness even when I am writing this down or thinking this way. There is nothing else other than to hear those words, to read and know what they realised, to watch what they did, to practice all that they taught, that is all I wish for now. It feels like the search is over now, the student is at last ready and eager to learn so much. This lifetime seems short to practise and master the only truth that will always hold. It was true for times bygone and will be true for times yet to come and is reflected in the present moment in everything around us; the truth of impermanence.

It is as if a fire is lit within, it wavers, reducing in intensity at times, and sometimes glowing ever so brightly to a cool bright blue colour and everything else falls in the background. But it cannot be extinguished; now that it is lit. How I wish you could feel the way I feel right now and I think that on some days you have known this feeling too. I believe you will feel it again one day. Have a beautiful day ahead.



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  1. Jackie Jain says:

    Hello Geena… Very well written.. Lot of feel in this post.. I am also feeling light now… Very true, sometimes some words make us feel good and make us feel positive about life. There sparks a light within which we have to carry and spread among others.. Have a good time.. 🙂

  2. Geena says:

    Yes so true. That is the spark isn’t it. And it can be spread and shared with all. Thank you an am glad to know it made you feel light too 🙂

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