One Afternoon After Class

He was waiting for her to answer, “Sara?” he called.

She seemed far away. “Sara?”.

She shifted her gaze from the wall behind him to his face.

“I was asking would you like to go out and catch some lunch?”.

She kept looking at him now as if listening intently. He was growing tired of trying to grab her attention.

He shook her by her arm, “Sara were you listening to anything I said?”.

She blinked and looked at him as if she had just realised he was here. “Oh! Umm… what was it you were saying again?”

He looked at her a little discouraged now. Her attention had shifted again to the wall behind him.

He recalled how he would always make sure he looked calm and casual in front of her, but his insides would always start squirming. He didn’t know how to explain it. After avoiding her for the past three months of college; he had finally mustered the courage to introduce himself to her. The three months that had passed; he had not missed a single day from noticing her. It wasn’t as if she was the prettiest or the most popular girl of the class; but there was something that would draw him to her.

He felt as if she had created her own world wherein she had chosen to spend her life, oblivious to what was going on around her. He had to talk to her and this urge had made him finally stand here in front of her, to get to know her, what was she always wondering about, why was she not like the other girls? Did she not like having fun like the rest of the kids? What were these thoughts that she would often get lost in?

He remembered girls showing interest in him and it wasn’t like he wasn’t attracted to them, but more often than he could admit; he found his thoughts conjuring a picture of this girl sitting dreamy eyed lost somewhere and breezing through the world without letting anything touch her.

He realised that he had let his attention go astray with the confessions of his heart again. He caught himself and looked at her to find her waiting patiently for him to say something.

“Oh I…was just asking you if you would like to have lunch with me..” feeling his face getting hot from neck to the top of his head as he uttered those words.

She blinked again and smiled at him and said “Why not?”. He had never really seen her smile, and it made him skip a beat.

She got up from the bench she was sitting on, closed her book and was already walking towards the door humming a tune under her breath. He was about to follow her when he remembered something. Moving towards the door he glanced at the mirror reflecting the display board pinned onto the wall behind him and read

Today’s Thought’. It read,

“Out beyond ideas of Wrongdoing and Right doing,

There is a Field. I’ll meet You there.

When the Soul lies down in that Grass,

The World is too Full to talk about”.- Rumi

Smiling to himself, he followed her out of the class.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jackie Jain says:

    Very well written Geena. Loved the narration. And those words of Rumi which Sara was reading at that time, are very beautiful. . Have a wonderful Sunday. . 🙂

    1. Geena says:

      Thank you for the encouragement. It was my first time trying this kind of writing. 🙂 yes I love those words by rumi too an the depth they hold..

      1. Jackie Jain says:

        You are most welcome Geena. Yes Rumi’s words always touch our soul rather than mind. 🙂

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