Music – The Language that Speaks in Magic

What does music do to me? It inevitably brings a smile on my face, opening a doorway to my heart, entering it so effortlessly. As if the music is the Sun to the Moon of my heart; the love and bliss of the musical notes then radiate from the heart. The heart reflecting the beauty of the music and shining, bathed in the afterglow. The muscles tend to relax, the eyes turn kinder and it becomes natural to look at everything with beauty and wonder. Long after the music has ended, the effect seems to remain on my soul.

Yes, music has the ability to create magic in this world. With playful yet innocent notes, it affects and moves one in a way that shall never be possible for words to do. On countless occasions, when the words have failed to convey the message, music has filled the space with a deeper meaning, a deeper connection between two individuals.

 It tugs and tugs at your heart, until you finally give way and let it enter your being. Sometimes the effect is so profound that it may surprise you and shake you to the core. In solitude, music can make you feel so many emotions that were locked up for years. And once the dam is broken, the release is so beautiful that it heals you. Tears of gratitude may fill your eyes, leaving you finally with a feeling of relief and joy.

Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open? ~ Rumi

Such is the power I’ve to come to realise that music holds. And it was music that led me to write this blog, its notes still tapping on my heart and whispering magic in my ears.

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  1. navpreet kaur says:

    So true, nothing is more soothing than music. Music is for every shade of mood……be it happiness, sadness, joy, peace.

    1. Geena says:

      How right you are 🙂

  2. PK says:

    Hm i am curious which musical piece led to the creation of this beautiful afterglow:)

    1. Id like to know the same!

      1. Geena says:

        Yes there was one particular musical piece that was in my head when I wrote this post 🙂
        ‘una mattina’ composed by Ludovico Einaudi, heard it first time in the movie Intouchables (thanks to armaan :)) , a movie that is both beautiful and touching. Sharing the music here-

        hope I ll learn to play it on the piano someday 🙂

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