A Dreamer’s Confession

“It was waiting for me. There. I saw it now. How did it take me so much time this time? I had almost given up on it. To move forward… I had to forget?” She smirked.

How could she ever forget? The world she carried within herself. The world where she really lived. She had just finished her morning tea and would have to get ready for the day soon, but it had just appeared out of nowhere. Just now. Breaking her out of her reverie…of routine life. She had to tap into it. Immerse herself once again in the world she knew she belonged in.

She had simply looked outside the room’s window, and said out loud, “I wish I lived in that world”, and as she continued to gaze outside, the view had transformed. It was green everywhere, the skies, a dull grey deciding whether to pour today or not, and a lone owl swooped by. It was enough to wake her up. To see her world right now. The door had opened again. She had finally managed to do it. Ah, how alive she felt! Relishing every moment, she started to pour out the bubble of creativity she felt rise within her into words. She could conjure this world anytime, anywhere. The power resided within her. How many times would she have to remind herself this?

Smiling slightly she shook her head. The world where she belonged was a world of magic. Where prophecies existed and the universe spoke to all, in the language of signs. It was beautiful, this world was alive. But she had to live in a world that was far away from this magic. The people she knew did not relate to it. It made her sad. To her, it just seemed like a rat race and she really dint want to hurry and keep running till until the race ended. But for a while it had seemed that to be happy in the real world, she had to do like everyone else around her. Lose herself by being a part of the race. Forget the world she knew and loved.  Everyone would be happy and accept her as their own then. So she had closed the doors on the magic she knew made her alive. And marched into the contingent calling her and had joined them. As she had trudged along unhappily, she knew at what cost this was coming. Soon, the time started flying past, and as days turned into weeks; she felt she had achieved in being one of them.

She had carried on and rushed past life, not knowing whether the sun was rising or the stars were gleaming in the night sky. It was all about being in the race. Her world didn’t matter. The universe could wait. And it had waited, until that moment, when unexpectedly she had spoken those words.

As her world reappeared, a strange realisation made her happier than she had been in weeks. It was always here. The universe is alive and always creating magic. The practical world is an illusion that is easier to live in so as to be accepted by our own kin. The magical world is where the dreams come true, and everything throbs with exuberance and feels alive. It made her realise that she had to only see the real world for what it was really. Cut the noise and confusion and the true world reveals itself. Feeling confident that now she could do see it anywhere and everywhere she wanted, she revelled in the view outside, with the birds chirping and the clouds still indecisive whether to pour or not.

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”      ~ Roald Dahl

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