Search for a Single Thought : Part 2


The mind. A powerful tool. Although it gives the ability to analyse and aid in decision making; left to itself it streaks past memories, thoughts, hopes as if on some never ending mission. Makes me wonder; this constant running; is the mind in pursuit of something? Its effort seems almost relentless, one may try to distract it through intense physical activity or by simply watching a sitcom. But it’s as if the mind considers these as just mere pauses. Indeed, the involvement of the mind in day to day activity can shuttle between complete to nil depending upon how dedicated one is to take its reins. One would wonder, that sleep would be the best time to give their minds a rest. But alas, those who dream intensely, know how well the mind can use this time to conjure stories that seem so real. That can even affect how you feel when you get up in the morning. From extreme happiness to states of confusion. The dreams seem to be a powerful means of the mind to sift through so many thoughts and made up ideas.

However, there are times when the mind slows down on its own. Some would say it is when your heart, body and the mind are one. Everyone has experienced these moments. It could be reaching the top of a summit, the first time you preformed on stage, when you skied your way down the snowy slope or when your baby wound his hand around your little finger.. So many moments, and as varied as maybe there are stars in the sky.

To me it seems as if the mind slows down when it experiences something very close to what it is searching for. Feeling nearer to the end of its quest, it stops racing and starts observing. In these moments, truly your heart, body and mind seem to become one. It may be true that the heart and the body have their own individual quests. But it feels as if the body and heart are much easier to be taken for a ride. The body responds to senses and the heart is too naïve. But the mind out of the three seems to be the hardest to fool. No wonder most people may learn to make their bodies flexible or even learn to ‘grow’ a heart, but still find it challenging to calm or ‘close’ their minds.

Maybe there’s nothing wrong with the mind. It’s on a quest. The quest for the search for that single thought. The thought that gives meaning. A meaning to everything..

“Closed in a room, my imagination becomes the universe, and the rest of the world is missing out.” – Criss Jami





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