A Dreamer’s Confession

“It was waiting for me. There. I saw it now. How did it take me so much time this time? I had almost given up on it. To move forward… I had to forget?” She smirked.

Twilight Evenings

‘Why do you have to write?’ Rumi looked up to see his friend standing over him with hands folded. Rumi sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. Ajay had caught him again; writing, this time on the parapet outside College.
Come to think of it, it was a good question. Why did he feel this need to write?

Another Lifetime

On a busy afternoon, at the zebra crossing I waited. You stopped your car to give me way. I mouthed ‘Thank You’ at You and You nodded back at me. And in that moment, I know that in another lifetime, I knew You.

What is this Light I see?

“What is this light I see? It is warm, gentle and yet powerfully alive. At times I am engulfed in it and at other times; it’s a gentle flame settled in my heart.”

A Million Adventures Not Yet Begun

What is this need of man to travel? To see places, to visit countries and valleys and talk to the natives? Maybe for that time man feels he has succeeded in breaking routine and feeling like he always wanted to. Does he feel more alive? It’s as if in the most unfamiliar and unusual places;…

The Rose

“Like the rose flower mentioned above; there are millions of beautiful creations and wonders that we walk past every day without giving them a second glance.”

The Perfect Morning

Some mornings are such that when I wake up, I just know everything around me is perfect. There is an energy that I can sense, which fills me in so much that I rise above and know that this is the perfect time, the perfect moment to do what I want to do. It makes…